You can enjoy XUXU in many delicious variations. Not only as a drink in a glass, but also as an ingredient for dessert after a perfect meal. True fans appreciate strawberries in any variation.

XUXU Cream Cookie Magic

Delicate cookies with strawberry cream icing. Not only for Christmastime.

XUXU Strudel

Warm and cosy strawberry strudel dream, ideal after an autumn walk.

Croissants with XUXU cream cheese

Fix made croissants that will make a splash at Sunday brunch.

XUXU Donuts

Classic donuts, finished in pink. A must have for the coffee table.

XUXU Cream Cake in a Jar

Original dessert to finish off a special feast.

XUXU Cream-Pancakes

Deliciously fluffy pancakes with delicate strawberry cream. Perfect for a late breakfast.

Strawberry XUXU Cupcakes

Classic cupcakes with a dash of XUXU and extra delicious topping.

XUXU Pancakes

Airy pancakes with strawberry cream topping. Perfect for brunch.

XUXU Cream Cheese Cake

Strawberry alternative to the classic cream cheese cake.

XUXU Cookie Magic

Deliciously tender cookies with strawberry glaze. Taste not only at Christmas.