Whether in the afternoon with coffee and cake, in the evening for (or as) dessert, as a topping on ice cream or for pimping cocktails, cupcakes and much more, XUXU Cream stands for creamy, fruity enjoyment.

Creamy, pink and “Very, Very Strawberry®”!

The strawberry experts at XUXU have once again gone all out to present the popular red fruits with cream as an extraordinary drink – in pink!

Unlike other liqueurs, which often work exclusively with flavours, XUXU Cream is thus probably the most strawberry cream liqueur.

XUXU cream Recipes

Easy Mixing with XUXU Cream

XUXU Cream is super versatile. Set up your next summer drink, or have your friends ask why your dessert tastes so amazing.


Fruity drinks and cocktails for every occasion.


Cool shakes for hot days and special guests.


Simple baking recipes, exceptionally refined.


Creamy, fruity desserts with that little something extra.