Very, very Strawberry®

XUXU is the delicious, fresh-fruity strawberry drink with crystal clear vodka. Fresh strawberries are processed into strawberry puree so gently that the aromatic flavor of whole strawberries is preserved.


Where the fun is

Welcome to the world, where strawberries and crystal clear vodka have arranged a sweet encounter.

Come on in and let all your senses discover the world of XUXU!

Entdecke XUXU

Where the fun is

Willkommen in der Welt, in der sich sonnengereifte Erdbeeren und glasklarer Vodka zu einem süßen Date verabredet haben.

Tauche ein und entdecke die Welt von XUXU mit allen Sinnen!


No More and no less

XUXU is not only suitable for delicious drinks, but also for a variety of delicious desserts or even as a baking ingredient.
See for yourself and discover the whole world of XUXU recipes.


Fruity drinks and cocktails for every occasion.


Cool shakes for hot days and special guests.


Simple baking recipes, exceptionally refined.


Creamy, fruity desserts with that little something extra.

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