You can enjoy XUXU in many delicious variations. Not only as a drink in a glass, but also as an ingredient for dessert after a perfect meal. True fans appreciate strawberries in any variation.


Sweet, sour, fizzy. A special cocktail for special occasions.

Strawberry Mule

Exceptional, fresh and suitable for any occasion.


Sweet and sour cocktail to get in the mood for the party night.

XUXU Mint Smash

Refined cocktail that will amaze your guests.

XUXU Lemonade

Fresh as lemonade and classy as a cocktail.

XUXU Spritz

Easy mixed and elegantly served.

Strawberry Lemon

Sweet, tangy and slightly bitter. It doesn’t get better.

XUXU Tonic

XUXU Clear and Tonic. A unique combination.


Plain, simple and yet classy. XUXU Clear with soda.

XUXU Clear Berry

Made as fast and easy as enjoyed.