Welcome to Berrydise®

Welcome to paradise, where strawberries and crystal clear vodka have arranged a sweet encounter. Come on in and let all your senses discover the world of XUXU!

XUXU is paradisiacally fruity

with over 500 g freshly mashed strawberries per liter. Heavenly blended with a shot of crystal clear Vodka and a dash of lime. XUXU is a sensational indulgence!

Enjoy the difference. Feel berrydised!

Berry Tasty

Our guarantee: A whopping 66% of XUXU is fruit, for the greatest fruity taste ever. Wickedly good, bursting with strawberry flavour, guaranteed to taste freshly mixed within the period warranted on the bottle seal. – That’s Berrydise! And no mistake.

Berry good! – better than that, it’s excellent! Ice-cold XUXU is the ideal shot, an exciting fruit temptation that will give you new ideas for desserts and make you eager to experiment: Fancy a cocktail?

XUXU Recipes

XUXU is not only suitable for delicious drinks, but also for a variety of yummy desserts.

See for yourself and discover the world of XUXU recipes.

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